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4 Methods Guaranteed to Generate More Qualified Leads on Facebook

Small and large businesses alike have found Facebook to be one of their leading drivers in site traffic. This comes as no surprise when you look at Facebook’s 2 billion active users. Reaching an audience of that size is an incredible feat, and opens the doors for marketers to share their message and their services to people worldwide.

Years ago, small businesses couldn’t image that kind of reach. But platforms like Facebook make it possible for any business to make their mark on the world.

Yet, not every business does make that mark. Some exert all energy into promoting themselves on Facebook, but to little or no avail. This does not mean that the platform is flawed, but perhaps that the methods being used are.

Don’t panic if you find yourself in such a situation. Strategies can always be reworked and new approaches taken. You haven’t tried everything yet, so keep trying some more.

To get you going in the right direction, brush up on these ways you can generate more site traffic and leads on Facebook, the kind of leads that actually bring about the results you want.

1. Contests

Whether you have a strong following or are looking to build one, holding a contest on Facebook is a killer way to increase engagement and find those leads. Right away you can build a list of qualified leads who (a) have already shown interest in your product and (b) are willing to act to get it. Advertising specifically to these users in a post-contest retargeting campaign. Remind them of the item or product they showed interest in, and draw them in for a second look.

Another idea is to offer these leads a “consolation prize,” something else you offer to encourage them to participate in the next contest. You can hold contests as often as you want, just let your audience know how often so they will be encouraged to keep an eye on your Facebook activity.

2. Lead Ads

The name alone speaks for itself. If you want better qualified leads, Facebook provides the perfect tool in its lead ads. With them you can market straight to the audience you are looking for, the people who are closest to converting.

One case study shows that lead ads helped a nonprofit, Teach for America, reach their niche audience of soon-to-be college graduates. Their company saw a 50% increase in leads while decreasing the cost per lead by 61%. And their story is just one among many marketers using lead ads. Other features allow you to find Lookalike Audiences for greater outreach and engaging visual elements within your ad such as video content, carousel images and more.

3. Direct App Installs

Similar to lead ads, you can also use Facebook to advertise a company app. Those who see these ads and download your app are, again, very interested in your brand and are the ones prepped for converting. With the audience that Facebook has, plus a 34% decrease in cost per acquisition in some cases, it’s hard to pass up on these the potential for these conversions.

In a mobile-world, apps make it easier for customers to convert and engage with your business. Because of this, we hear statements like that from app building expert and CEO Viktor Marohnic who said that close to 70% of site traffic for a small business comes from mobile devices. As he points out, this means that, “Within the next couple of years, a shift to a mobile app…will become obvious.”

4. CTA Posts

Even without paying for ads, you can still boost your lead generation with some the content you post on your Facebook page. Not everything you post is going to be a big hit, but the key to posts that convert are the ones that invite users to act. They include a call-to-action (CTA). Posts promoting your contests are a good example of this: they first grab the audience’s attention, offer them something valuable and then ask those people to do something about it.

Follow this formula in each of your posts and you will start seeing a huge increase in lead generation and site traffic. Perhaps the most important step is your offer. No one will be motivated to act unless your offer is compelling enough to change their mind. But to do this, you need to have a firm understanding of your audience, their wants and needs.

Finding Success in Facebook Lead Gen

If success in marketing on Facebook was boiled down to a key principle it might be this: Give the right offer to the right audience at the right time.

You know who your audience is and what it is you want to offer them, but sometimes timing is everything. The first contact a Facebook user may have with your brand may not be the time that converts them. This is why retargeting is so important. Those users who showed some general interest or engagement can be reminded of your brand and get thinking again about your offer.

When your first efforts don’t turn out as you plan the timing may be off, but that’s no reason to retreat. Try again to narrow in the audience most poised to act with an offer they can’t refuse. See for yourself just how much you can increase your site traffic and sales with a few simple adjustments to your strategy.

Imran Maqbool
[email protected]

After training as an architect in my hometown of East London, UK and working with some of the world’s top architecture and engineering firms on the London 2012 Olympics; the 2010 construction recession forced me to take a different course in life, so I started to learn about online, affiliate and direct response marketing and traffic generation. Since then I've gone from marketing newbie to marketing pro, building sales funnels which have generated over $50,000,000 (million) in sales. My mission is to put the ability to master traffic and build a successful online business into the hands of regular folk, as well as helping gurus and multi millionaire entrepreneurs who are already successful get to the next level…

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